Diego Isunza Kahlo | C H E F
Diego Isunza Kahlo, Kahlo, Chef, Private chef and culinary consultor, BANQUETS, CULINARY TOURS & COOKING WORKSHOPS
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Private chef and culinary consultor.


Diego started his career since a very young age. He has worked in some of the most renowned restaurants in Mexico City and has been working closely with recognized chefs such as Gerardo Vázquez Lugo, Enrique Olvera, Zahie Téllez, Mikel Alonso, Jorge Vallejo, Ricardo Muñoz Zurita, Rick Bayless, Javier Plascencia and Alicia Gironella.

His work has been recognized by national and international institutions such as WHO (World Health Organization), PAHO (Panamerican Health Organization), Peruvian Government, and in late dates, digital and printed press such as L.A. Times, Vice News, Reforma Buena Mesa, Revista Chilango, Kinfolk Magazine, Savoteur, Televisa Networks and TV Azteca has mentioned him for his remarkable achievements.


Among his clients we can find national and international artists such as Michael Buble and Kyle Minogue, as well as international politicians and national bussinesman.

Right now Diego offers private dinning and culinary experiences developed hand to hand with the client to satisfy the most demanding customers.


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