Diego Isunza Kahlo | About me
Diego Isunza Kahlo, Kahlo, Chef, Private chef and culinary consultor, BANQUETS, CULINARY TOURS & COOKING WORKSHOPS
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About me


Diego Isunza Kahlo (Mexico City, June 4th 1988), Mexican cook.

As a child he worked in the family’s catering business with his grandmother Elsa Kahlo who is a very well known chef and Mexican gastronomy researcher, responsible for several editorial and promotion projects among which is the naming of Mexican food as “Intangible heritage of humanity” by the UNESCO in 2010, thus influencing his career direction.


At the age of 12 Diego had his first Job as a waiter in the family business and four years later he took a position as a cook at the same time that he was doing his professional musical studies, reason why he left the job to focus with his career, but later in 2008 he went back to the business where he became sous chef and cooking workshops coordinator, serving for national and international high class clients such as Kyle Minogue, Michael Bublé, Warner Music LatAm, Mexican embassy in Peru, Government of Peru and several other clients including local politicians and businessman.


He left the family business as well as his career as a musician to work in remarkable traditional and fine dinning restaurants among which they can be mentioned Nicos Restaurant, Pujol Restaurant, Morimoto Mexico City, and Azul Restaurantes (Azul Condesa, Azul Histórico, Azul & Oro).

Diego has also participated in several projects of promotion of Mexican culinary traditions, working closely with Mexican celebrity chefs such as Alicia Gironella, Gerardo Vázquez Lugo, Zahie Téllez, Mónica Solís, Jair Téllez, Jorge Vallejo and Ricardo Muñoz Zurita as well as some other projects with the international chefs Rick Bayless, Ohno Takehiro and Mikel Alonso.


We can highlight his position as R&D Coordinator chef at “Azul Restaurantes”, a 5-restaurant group leaded by Ricardo Muñoz Zurita, celebrity chef considered “The preserver and prophet of Mexican culinary traditions” by Times Magazine. Job in which he was responsible for the research and development of new recipes for the restaurants as well as for the Mexican cookbooks published by the same group, this included field research, where Diego got to know a considerable portion of the country and their traditions, having in his hold a great amount of regional/indigenous recipes.


In his latest work, for the last two years Diego worked as executive chef and R&D director for Thermomix Mexico at the same time publishing two books on Mexican food and Mexican helthy food, each one with more than 2,000 sales.


Right now he leads his own Mexican fine dinning catering, with which he has been working for private and corporate events, as well as giving advisory for beer, mezcal, rum, electro-domestic brands, and restaurant consulting.

Diego is also a certified Grill Ambassador and grill instructor for Weber Grills (Weber-Sthephen Products Co.)


His work has been recognized by national and international institutions such as WHO (World Health Organization), PAHO (Pan-American Health Organization), Peruvian Government, and in late dates, digital and printed press such as L.A. Times, Vice News, IPN Canal 22, Reforma Buena Mesa, Revista Chilango, Animal Gourmet, Kinfolk Magazine, Savoteur and Televisa Networks has mentioned him for his remarkable achievements.


He has a wide experience as a Mexican food teacher, lecturing for local colleges such as CESSA culinary institute (Centro de Estudios Superiores San Angel), Universidad Iberoamericana (UIA), Coronado Culinary Institute, several nutrition and health symposiums and he’s been judge for culinary contests organized by the Canadian government through Le Cordon Bleu Mexico as well as conductor in culinary tours for tourist agencies and TV networks.


He has cooked for diverse culinary festivals such as MESAMÉRICA, Slow Food Terra Madre, World Mexican Gastronomy Forum, International Holbox Gastronomy Show just to mention a few.